Banking, Finance

Banking, Finance

Gradeanu's Romanian banking and finance practice is a establishment practice of the firm and continues to represent one of Gradeanu's inscription strengths.


Many of the firm's largest clients are commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, leasing companies,  institutional real estate companies.


Our lawyers have substantial experience in the romanian financial field. They have assisted leading national and international banks and financial brokerage firms of Europe and drafted loan agreements in offerings and placements of financial instruments, including derivatives and highly subtle financial products.


The team analyzes all aspects applicable to the issuing and placement of financial instruments from credit securitization operations; it arranges enlightening future prospects and offers support, relying on its links with romanian authorities.


Gradeanu & Partners provides assistance to both financial institutes and project promoting firms on all the main phases of project financing, either private-contractual:

  • Due diligence execution and fulfillment; negotiation of agreements among involved subjects;
  • As for the public aspects of project financing the firm assists in: procedure planning and compatibility with other administrative planning and programming instruments; public acts of grant; other relations between public administration and licensee.